In 2008 it became quite apparent that the parallel limb design was here to stay and making big inroads in both the hunting and target market.
With this technology the bow behaves in a different manner than a convention riser/limb design having much less shock and vibration, the need for vibration dampening in a stabilizer is lessened.
Because of this and the advancement of carbon fiber bows Leven Industries felt the need to redesign the Doinker and make it tunable.

We worked on many configurations with dual core durometer pieces and precision machined housing caps of varying designs, after endless testing the Doinker Supreme housing configuration was created which allowed for tunability and ease of operation.

The Doinker Supreme works by tightening the stabilizer weight, which in turn compresses the inside and outside washers and limits there movement. This is very important with today’s bows and with shooters using more and more weight on there stabilizers and V-Bars. The Doinker Supreme will allow 16 oz. plus of weight installed yet keep those weights from unnecessary movement. The mere fact of having those weights encapsulated in shock absorbing elastomer helps alleviate vibration and felt shock on bows that may not have a parallel limb design. In addition, if the end user wishes no vibration dampening, the complete inner workings can be removed and nylon washers installed, completely eliminating any movement of the weights what so ever.

Another way to adjust the Doinker Supreme is by varying the depth of the inner workings from the grooves on the inside of the machined housing, which allows the shooter to adjust how much total movement the weight/s will have. Most folks leave it as it comes from the factory as in this setting it leaves a wide range of tunability. The Doinker technology of the past still plays a important role in our line up, as the Dinky Doinker and Peewee are used to eliminate vibration on sights, scopes and risers.
The standard A Bomb can be used as always but you can not use the amount of weight (plus 6 oz.) and expect to keep the weights from drooping or setting up a secondary vibration because of your bodies own natural frequencies. The only way to use mass weight using a conventional Doinker is to add weight to the distal end of your stabilizer and just before adding the last weight, install the Doinker and than the weight. Remember the harder the elastomer is, the more weight it will hold but the less vibration control the Doinker will have.

That is the reason the Doinker Supreme works so well as it allows you to set the amount of Doinker movement with the length of stabilizer you are using and the amount of mass weight you have on the distal end of your stabilizer. You will find that you can tune your stabilizer to just the correct amount of weight movement or lack there of vs shock reduction with this design.

The Doinker Supreme also allows the archer to install a D.I.S.H. kit that is available in a standard, small and mini configuration. This allows total freedom of movement of the mass weight and the positioning of those weights to allow for varying the shooters balance point.