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DS 1

DS 7/8


Also available in Black.

The Doinker Supreme is the most advanced Doinker ever produced due to it's ability that allows the archer to fully adjust the Flex/Tension of the Doinker and be able to convert the Doinker to use other Doinker Technologies such as the Doinker D.I.S.H. and the GEN 5 Doinker for endless combinations of dampening and weight placement.

itp supreme dish gen5
For Tuning Instruction visit our forum at then go to "Tuning & Modifying Doinker Stabs.
DS1 1/8" Doinker Supreme 5/46-24 (F) x 1/4-20 (M) 1.2oz
DS78 7/8" Doinker Supreme 1/4-20 (F) x 1/4-20 (M) 0.8oz