tactical stabilizer



tac 8" forward (standard), tactical stabilizer


8" on the front - 6"-1/2 on the back for the standard configuration.

- Tactical Mount
- 2 different length Carbon Extensions
- 2 1 1/8" Doinker Supremes
- 2 GEN 5 Doinkers
- 2 Double Stack black Universal weights
- 1 Bolt to attach it to the bow

The ALL NEW Doinker Tactical Stabilizer is a versatile tool for any Compound Archer and highly adaptable to the variable situations you may find yourself in whether it is hunting in the field or target shooting at the range. The Doinker Tactical Stabilizer is a side mounted stabilizer designed to offset the weight of your quiver, sight, and arrowrest. It offers an endless range of configurations and allows the potential for enhancement and customization with your favorite Doinker Technologies.

itp supreme dish gen5 abar
TAC Forward (standard), Tactical Stabilizer 8" 15.1oz