Quadraflex Stabilizers


The Quadra-Flex is the next step in Multi-rod Technology and is perfect for the compound or recurve archer that wants an ultra light stabilizer with a very soft feeling shot.
It utilizes Smoke tinted Lexan connections in which incorporate our ITP Sleeves.
The ITP Sleeves completely surround and hold the four rods in place under the connected pressure. With the combination of these ITP Sleeves placed at every connecting Lexan point, the Q.F.'s fully adjustable 1-1-/8" Doinker Supreme with aluminum Universal weights at the end, allows this stabilizer to be the softest shooting, feeling, stabilizer we offer for the Olympic Recurve or Compound Archer.

itp supreme dish gen5


QF 25 - Quadra-Flex 25" 25" 8.0oz
QF 30 - Quadra-Flex 30" 30" 8.3oz
QF 35 - Quadra-Flex 35" 35" 8.9oz
QF 40 - Quadra-Flex 40" 40" 9.9oz


QFV8 - Quadra-Flex V-Bar set 8" 10.4oz
QFV10 - Quadra-Flex V-Bar set 10" 10.8oz
QFV12 - Quadra-Flex V-Bar set 12" 11.2oz