New Mount - Coming Soon!!!

Mounts, mounts you say --- I've made so many different types of mounts in my lifetime I can't count them.

I started out by making fixed mounts starting with my earliest "Billy Bar" that was used by archers for many, many years. We made them in a couple of sizes and angles, this style we stayed with until public demand was just to great, shooters wanted an adjustable mount and the best out there early on was the Shibuya, it is still made today.

About 10 years ago we came out with a mount that used teeth to hold the sidebars in place, and it worked very well the mount was very successful for us. But again as time marched on it became apparent that folks wanted unlimited adjustability and we needed something else.

In around 2015 we started making a holding section with a taper like a tire nut on a car. This worked out well, but for me not well enough!

After 2019 when I made major company changes, the designing of a new better mount was started ------ but COVID got in the way and a total shutdown of the company was mandated by the governor for 8 months.

We slowly got back on our feet but early on a new mount was not on my list. Around May of 2022, mount designing began and as of now, we expect to be in full production by November.

In the test that we have done, we are able to hold 30 plus pounds of weight out straight out without this adjustable mountain moving -- the 15" sidebar will actually bend !! This mount locks up stronger than anything I have seen. It is extremely simple in design and uses friction and a very tight press side pressure fit for holding rock solid. Loosening is done with a slight lifting of a side rod used to use as leverage to break the grip.

We will have a video on this mount coming soon.

This mount was designed to be the last mount you will ever need. It comes in a 2 sided bar version and in a single-side bar version. This unit is the same size as our current mount.

As time goes on, a Quick Detach version will come out that is incorporated in our new 1 1/2 extension bolt, no need for a QD insert that you can lose, there are no moving parts.

Stay tuned, Doinker will have more exciting products to come :-)

Doinker Bill