The Doinkers & How They Work!

There are four main designs of Doinkers, they all remove unwanted vibration but
have different applications for the amount of weight used and your personal feel of
the shot.

The A Series

The first patented Doinker design was the A Series where one piece of highly
dampening material is between the stabilizer and the weights, and let the stabilizer and weights move independently of each other, breaking up the wave of the stabilizer and allowing it to come to rest very quickly.

The durometer of the damping material stays the same and is designed for weight
in the 2-7oz area on the 1-inch model and 2-4oz on the 3/4" model. This was the first Doinker Patent and started the worldwide acceptance of the Doinker and became a must-have item on stabilizers worldwide and is still an added item on other manufacturers' stabilizers to remove unwanted vibration! The Doinker technology of the past still plays an important role in our lineup, as the Dinky Doinker and Peewee are used to eliminate vibration on sights, scopes, and risers. The standard A Bomb can be used as always but after 6-7 oz. of frontal weight it is best to put your weights on your stabilizer, then the Doinker then the remaining 4-6 oz of weight The best way to use mass weight using a conventional Doinker is as stated to add weight to the distal end of your stabilizer and just before adding the last set of weights, install the Doinker and than the weights.


Doinker Supreme

Because of the tremendous advancement of carbon fiber bows during the last years and how stabilization techniques have changed Leven Industries felt the need to design a Doinker that was tunable and that could handle larger amounts of weight. This gave rise to the Doinker Supreme!


Our tunable (DS-3) Doinker Supreme works by tightening the stabilizer weight, which in turn compresses the inside and outside washers and limits their movement. This is very important with today's bows and with shooters using more and more weight on their stabilizers and V-Bars. The Doinker Supreme will allow 12 oz. plus of weight installed yet keep those weights from unnecessary movement. The mere fact of having those weights encapsulated in shock-absorbing elastomer helps alleviate vibration and felt shock on bows that may not have a parallel limb design. The Doinker Supreme has varying depth grooves on the inside, which allows the end user how much total movement the weight/s will have. Most folks leave it as it comes from the factory as in this setting it leaves a wide range of tunability. If you are using more weight at the end of your stabilizer you may want to add your weights (as you would do with the A series) and then add 6-10 oz. of your remaining weight.


EXO Doinker

The EXO Doinker is a total departure from the other Doinkers in the Doinker family.
It is made up of two elastomeric inner sections of different durometers, one to fit
close to your stabilizer and the other to fit next to your weights. These two sections
act totally independent of each other and they never touch allowing each section total freedom of movement and each section the ability to be fastened down using
different pressure giving the shooter more options in tunability. The units must be
screwed in with a certain amount of tightness for stability but beyond that, the stiffness is adjustable by the shooter

This Doinker have shown to be very popular because of its adjustability and durability.


Flex Doinker

The Flex Doinker is the only Doinker that has a weight included internally in its design. This Doinker was designed for the best in total shock and vibration reduction using the least amount of weight. It excels by adding this Doinker to the end of your weight system. It is also extremely effective when attached to a bow riser for total vibration reduction.

Up until 2020 these all have a 3/4" base, in 2021 we changed that to a 1" base to
keep in line with the diameter of most weights and end caps.

If you have any questions please call Doinker at 661 948 7900 and we will go into further