About Us

Well, I almost don't know where to start, probably 40 years ago is a good starting point!

In the early eighties, I worked at Entrepreneur magazine and I was a business counselor for them for many, many years. I was always interested in archery and wanted to do something in that field. I left entrepreneur in the eighties looking to get into the archery business as I shot a bow just about all my life starting when I was 8 years old.

I moved up to Simi Valley and looking for an archery shop to shoot at I came upon Aerosmith West. I soon became a member of their club and shot there just about every day for quite a few years.

It was during this time that the invention of the Doinker got started. I use to sit and watch people shoot, literally for hours at a time.

I noticed the way their bow moved and limbs moved and the stabilizer moved when shot and with it shaking the shooter and their equipment to pieces.

I figured if I could separate the weight from the rest of the stabilizer bar it would act as a separate entity and its vibration rate would be different from the rest of the bow and they would cancel each other out --- I went to work on that idea.

I went out and bought a small lathe (which I have in my shop to this day). I made a small little cap that would hold a small elastomer piece one end holding the weight and the other screwed in the cap and that cap screwed into the stabilizer. I assembled a few of these and tried them out ---- they worked extremely well. Well enough not to trigger a sound switch and well enough that when These were put on your stabile the bow quieted down immensely. I made a few more and gave them to a few of the kids who were going to the US Nationals I taped them up so nobody knew what they were, all they knew was that when they put them on their bow there was an incredible difference - a difference so pronounced, people on the line would look at their bow and go "What did you do, why is it so quiet !"

Well, they go to the nationals and come back with a list of people that want them. They also gave them a name -- they called them "Doinkers" and I ask why that name and they said when we shoot the bow it just goes "Doink"

That name was decided on and I went to work on manufacturing them. In the beginning, I made them by myself on my little lathe, but as time went on I hired a few employees and got a hold of the machinist that made the caps for me along with the mounts for recurve shooters, it was during that time that I started making stabilizers too. All stabilizers early on were made by me including the stabilizer Justin Huish used to win individual and team Gold in 1996! (To This day Justin Huish and I are very good friends, he has helped me tremendously with his thoughts on shooting).

It was at this time that Peterson's publishing was doing an article on stabilizers they knew what we were making so they wanted them for a magazine article, we sent them some of our hunting and field stabilizers to test. The article came out early in the summer of I believe 1996. They did a test on every popular stabilizer at that time and at the end of the article they named Doinker "Best of Show" --- my home phone rang off the hook, and we were on our way!

Within a few short months, we had to move from my house to a manufacturing facility, we were getting too big way, way too fast - at that time I had approximately 10 employees working full time.

During the next coming years, we made, many changes improving our line along the way. Many, many companies followed in our path, we were the OEM manufacturer for many of the biggest archery companies that were around and still provide Doinkers to many top brands you may shoot today.

Times and styles change and we changed along with that to keep current with today's bow technology but in the past few years bow technology changed at a furious pace and we were not keeping up, and I decided the company needed to go in another direction right away if we were to stay viable.

I decided what we needed was a major total revamping of our thought process and product line --- that we started in late 2019 ---- AND THEN COVID HIT ! --- and hit us hard, we were mandated by the State of California to shut down for 8 months.

We were allowed back in late 2020, but other out-of-California companies had made huge inroads into the stabilization business as we could not manufacture our product!

Upon return, the company went full speed ahead with plans on revamping the company stabilizer lineup. All would be of a small diameter, and all base and end caps would be the same for easy production and keep the end-user cost down. The only difference between our stabilizer levels would be the modules of the carbon rod. While all this redesigning was going on, our rubber Doinkers were more popular than ever - we were ordering thousands every week to be shipped out to other companies while being used ourselves.

It is now mid-2022 and I'm extremely happy to say the plans and effort that everybody at Doinker put forth with the changes that we implemented have been a huge success. We are again striving forward, with new products on the horizon for 2022-2023 supplying archers from across the globe with quality archery stabilization products.

Doinker Bill