What Makes a Doinker Stabilizer Work!

Most folks think that a Doinker takes out vibration and helps remove the residual hum that is felt in your bow arm upon release of the arrow. Well, that may be true, but that is not the only thing a Doinker does!

What a Doinker does is take out the violent IMPACT that is felt when the string and
limbs come to an abrupt stop at the end of the shot sequence. This is where
you feel the impact and vibration the most, and this is where much of the shock is
transferred to your elbow, wrist, and bow, causing the loosening of sight pins, stabilizer weights, etc, etc.

It is one thing to have dampeners on your stabilizer or inside the stabilizer to take out vibration, but they do not remove the sudden impact that is felt upon the strings
collision with the string stop and the violent deceleration of the limbs of the bow. The reason the Doinker does such a great job at this is that the Doinker isolates the weights from the stabilizer itself so they act as TWO different entities upon the sudden impact of deceleration. The moment the impact takes place, the Doinker will shift enough to break the vibrational wavelength, Up until that point the stabilizer and the weights act as if they are one unit and do not flex. You do not get any secondary vibrational movement because of stabilizer rod movement or from the Doinker weight junction itself.

Think about it .. the weights are the heaviest part of your stabilizer set up and they
are the omnipotent factor in vibrational transfer and or reduction to your bow (an
object in motion will stay in motion, an object at rest will stay at rest, blah blah, blah) -- once that mass weight when attached to a Doinker breaks up the vibrational the wavelength of the stabilizer, the arrow has already left the bow! The weight shifting is done at the sudden impact of deceleration of the limbs and string, not when the arrow is traveling on the string upon release!

REMEMBER: The bow, stabilizer and all its parts become ONE UNIT upon rigid
attachment, you don't have a bow and a stabilizer, you have a system, and that system must work in harmony with all its parts. One weak link can change the platform dynamics, which in turn will alter the bow's performance. We all have seen folks shooting and watching their stabilizer bouncing all around after the shot, when an archer is set up correctly that stabilizer movement can be just about eliminated.

The other item to note on the Doinkers' effectiveness on sudden impact and
vibrational decay is the "RUBBER" that a Doinker is made out of is not just rubber,
it is a specially formulated compound that fits our "EXACT" requirements and is
propriety to Doinker. It is designed specifically for impact and vibration damping.

There are many videos out showing that the stabilizer rod does not move until the
shot has been completed and the arrow is on its way. One of the best is the Beiter
video done by Easton in the '80's showing the Beiter stabilizers and the effect
vibration and impact has on the bow and all the accessories.

If you have more questions please call Doinker at 661 948 7900 for further detail.

Thank you,

Doinker Bill